Step to enlist your services on WizConnect Vendor App

In addition to being able to sign up on our website as a vendor, some users prefer to download the WizConnect Vendor app and sign up through the medium. If you fall within this category of vendors, the following steps will help you make the best out of the WizConnect Vendor application:

  1. Download the Wizconnect Vendor app from Google play store or Apple store.
  2. Sign up by providing relevant data.
  3. On the sign-up page, select your Service Location, Category and services you provide.
  4. Upload workstation photos.
  5. Choose a plan of your choice by tapping on relevant button.
  6. Complete payment through card or transfer.
  7. Click on the purchase Plan button.
  8. Upon successful subscription, go to your profile and update your profile photo and business information.


How to find services on the WizConnect App

The WizConnect app is available on Google play and iOS store. Once you download the app follow the following steps to enjoy the best experience:

  1. Download the wizconnect app from Google play store or Apple store
  2. Sign up using relevant data.
  3. Update location for service.
  4. Choose desired service from list of categories.
  5. You may book for services in advance.
  6. You may chat or call vendors directly from their profile.
  7. Please note that the use of the WizConnect app is free of charge.


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Meet our people

Look out for representative of WizConnect in your area. Our staff have be trained to support users, service providers or vendors with the on-boarding process. We believe so much in collaboration and are willing to partner with you in ensuring availability and accessibility of quality local services at all times. They will answer all your questions and provide instant and continuous support.